Frozen Free Fall for Windows 10

Frozen Free Fall for Windows 10

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Break the ice in this puzzle game from Disney

Join Anna, Olaf, and Elsa, the stars of Frozen, in this puzzle game for Windows 8 based on the popular Disney film.

Princess Power

Like many puzzle games, the point of Frozen Free Fall is to complete challenges: achieving a score in a limited amount of time, destroying blocks of ice, or having items fall off the screen whilst moving across a board.

Prior to every match, a companion (one of the characters from the movie) is chosen. Each companion has a special ability that helps with the destruction of blocks. At the end of each round, Frozen goes into Free Fall mode and all remaining special gems are destroyed.

Every failed level results in the loss of a life. You have five lives in Frozen and it takes half an hour for them to replenish. Around level 17 the levels become vastly more difficult and incredibly difficult to beat without inapp purchased upgrades.

Warming up

If you've played the Bejeweled series or Candy Crush, then this will be familiar territory.

Columns are destroyed by matching up to at least three gems of the same color. Gems are moved by swiping. To use special abilities, click on the icons near the companions.

Sharp Graphics

Addicting game that ultimately cools off

Although initially enjoyable, Frozen Free Fall suffers halfway through the game from being virtually unbeatable without inapp purchases.

Frozen Free Fall boasts some impressive graphics. Fans of Frozen will be pleased to know that your companion looks straight out of the film. Cutscenes between levels are also of high quality.

The board that displays the gems isn't going to wow you, but it still looks acceptable. The sound, although no grating, is mediocre at best and plays the same music throughout the game.


  • Fans of Frozen will enjoy gameplay
  • Movie-quality graphics
  • Helpful tutorials


  • Inapp purchases are a necessity in later levels
  • Forced use of special abilities


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Frozen Free Fall for Windows 10


Frozen Free Fall for Windows 10


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  • Sharon Salt

    by Sharon Salt

    love the game it have a lot happening
    its fun to play with

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